Saturday, 22 August 2015

Single mum's

Why are we targeted so much? 

As I have stated in other posts I have been a single mum a couple of times, during my 7 year relationship. Every time I become one, I become more aware of the things that are said about us.

Facebook is a massive one for targeting us. They even go as low to say, if you can find a babysitter to have a night out on the weekend, you can find someone to look after your children while you work. 

I think in this society today we are looked at as just having kids to live on benefits and have hand outs. When I used to say I was a single mum, people looked at me funny. I think they think I have 4 children with different dads and again I just done it to get hand outs. 

I agree there are people out there that have done it and women are still doing it. Why should we be tied with the same brush though? I hate the label that people put over single mothers. They don't even know why you are single etc, they just assume things. How has society got so cruel? 

Now if they had children themselves they would know bringing up children is a full-time job in itself, even with two parents at home. When there is only one, it very hard work do they not realize this? They are more thinking about the money the single parents are receiving? 

Take me for an example. I'm now becoming a single mother because I am in an mental abusive relationship. What I should stay in that so that I don't get judged? Have people never thought maybe people stay in relationships that are harmful, because of the way society looks at us? 

I really don't know where all this came from.. Single parent use to be looked at with respect for the job they were doing. What happened to that? 

Have people really become that narrow minded? 

I am a believer in if you have your children you look after them, I understand that people will disagree with that. I disagree with parents that have babies and return to work within 3 months? I really don't get that? I think you either have to choose a career or children? Or have your career when you children go to school. Me as a mother I didn't want to miss any milestone of my children the thought of a childminder seeing everything before me really upset me. 

I did return to work when my daughter was born, but my ex was at home. I do believe in one parent working, but I believe the other should be at home with the child. Like I said you had them, not a childminder. 

That's just my views though. 

Back to single mum's why do you believe we get slated so much? 
Things in life don't always turn out the way we plan. Do you think I planned to be on my own with 4 children and broken family. Hell no. My ex didn't turn out to be the person I thought he was. I have done some research and I actually believe he is a narcissistic.  I will cover that I think in another post. 

I believe that being bipolar makes me have very strong view and sometimes I can be quite conversational, but that is just part of me. I have strong morals and I like to share them, weather people agree or not. 

Do you find that with bipolar and what are your views on single mums?

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