Saturday, 15 August 2015

To all readers

I have added an amazon link to my page, I love amazon. I am in the middle of writing a book and hoping to see it there soon. My daughter starts school this September and I brought her school uniform there cheaper then anywhere else, so maybe that's a thought for mummy readers.

I don't know if it's a good idea, me having a link like this on my page as I am a shopaholic. My weakness is shoes and handbag. 

Does anyone else find you shop more than other people with bipolar disorder? 

The silly thing about me is, I buy all these shoes and I never have outfits to go with them? Yes i know! I don't know why. 

My other weakness is Avon, I have a two drawers full of products that haven't been opened. I will have to have another draw for the products coming at the end of this month. ( oops) 

Share with me your weakness regarding shopping, I'd love to hear them. Even men please, as long as you aren't having a middle life crisis and out buy 90 thousand pound cars ha-ha. Only messing.

So yeah, check the amazon link out, if you like the site that is, I love the kindle books as well. 

Who do you think spends more? Men or women? I find women will go about pay out for £100 pair of shoes but when a men spend money, it's normally on hobbies. Men will spend £400 in one go on something to do with his hobby? What do you think? Who are the bigger spenders? :) 

What are your reviews on amazon?

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