Wednesday, 22 July 2015

A picture of my beautiful children

I will introduce my children

Lilly, aged 4
Logan, aged 2
Leighton and Lewis, aged 10 months

My children are my rock with this illness, they give me the reason to carry on everyday, even if I don't feel like it.

My children saved me in a way and I don't know where I would be if I didn't have them. Probably not even here to be honest.

A lot of people give me the same questions all the time, wow, haven't you got your hands full? Wow twins with two other younger ones? Is there twins in your family? Oh the list goes on and on..

But I’ll answer some for you..

I think this would be hard enough without bipolar, with 4 under 5, for any mother.. Even them mothers I call the super moms, many people will understand the mums I mean. They are at every school event taking part, they do everything by the book, just really dedicated to being a full time mummy..

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with this I think it is great :) I'm just making the point of I think even them super mummies would struggle :)

If I'm honest, it is hard, very hard, if I was on my own full time I don't think I’d cope, that's me being honest, but having said that I would have to I suppose if it came to that.

I think I’d find a strength that every person has to carry on.. I think bipolar sufferers are very strong, more than we give our self credit for most of the time. The manic and crashes we have to deal with and still come out the other side. Tells us that we are strong, that can only be a good trait that I hope passes on to my children through learning by me :)

I believe there are twins in my family, but many generations ago, but it revisited in me.. My Nan who sadly passed last year before knowing about my twins was waiting for it. She thought it would be from one of her two daughters..

So there are my children :)

I will post about how I think it affects them, but I thought I’d introduce them first :)

Remember, you can leave comments I’d love some feedback.. It feels like I'm just writing to myself ha-ha. I know I'm crazy but writing to myself takes it to another level :)

Thank you guys :)

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