Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Oh i need a little rant :)

Really what is the point in this?

So I am part of bipolar uk support forum. I posted my blog on there for people to read.

Maybe they would relate to my behaviors, friends or family could understand more about bipolar from someone that open enough to talk about.

I got some very good hits from it. Now they deleted my post?? why because your not to give blogs out on there site? UMM why is this? I thought they were a support team? Its not like I could take there over 1m people that are part of them is it? They are more for advice i'm more for sharing experiences.

Why are they not promoting someone to be honest and open about their illness?? they should be supporting things like this surely? I'm very proud of myself for starting this with how much I have going on in my life shouldn't they be?

This internet malarkey baffles me to be honest.

I'm a little blogger not a business what the hell is the problem bipolar uk??

What's your views on this guys?

OK rant over back to more advertising now that I lost a big one :)

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