Monday, 27 July 2015

Are we crazy?

Are bipolar people crazy?


My view on this is still no.. Everyone in the world has done one crazy ass thing in their life time.. Maybe they won't be honest about it, but of course they have.. Life is there to be lived, so people will make mistakes here and there.. Even the ones that are classed as that 'normal' statement.. I can't stick that word 'normal' nobody is normal in this world.. We don't even know what normal is.. How do we not know we aren't normal and everyone else around is mentally ill.. We don't.. We are just told..

That's not crazy though,

Normal is also used to describe individual behavior that conforms to the most common behavior in society (known as conformity). Definitions of normality vary by person, time, place, and situation – it changes along with changing societal standards and norms.

Well, even the classed as normal can do some crazy ass things.. I believe jumping out of a plane is crazy.. The people on jack ass are just crazy, but these are classed as 'normal people'
So why are we any different.. Maybe we do so many crazy things in a small amount of time, but jack ass team does.. They don't carry a label of mental health because they like to go around hurting themselves to be famous and entertaining.. Would you class that normality 
Behavior? It's accepted though..

* Mood swings 

Everyone has mood swings.. Women do every month, they even say men have a hormonal every 6 weeks.. You wouldn't be normal if you didn't have mood swings.. I believe parents have mood swing because of their children driving them mad certain days.. We all can't be happy all of the time.. We all shout loses or temper, etc. that's part of life.. 

Ours fluctuates a bit more though, but have you ever heard someone shout (go off their head) than go in another room for two seconds then come back in fine as nothing happened? We do that on a regular basis, but the classed normal still do it.. 


I'll even explain this one..  OK, some people have serious psychosis, but I believe that it goes like that when doctors fail to diagnose and it gets worse over time.. Do the classed 'normal' get psychosis.. I'll give you an example..

You sat there and out of the corner of your eye you see someone walk past, you think it's someone in your household, you shout.. Then from upstairs comes the voice your calling, they are still upstairs.. So what did you see then you brush it off.. 
Ever sat there and.. Shouted 'yes' to people upstairs? They shout back "what"Oh, "I'm sure I heard you call me".. Again, you brush it off..
Ever just had that song going around and round in your mind you even hear the song in your head it drives you mad, you can't get it out.. 
You see this happens to even classed as 'normal' people..

So what does this make me conclude.. If these signs are bipolar signs, then everyone has a little bit of bipolar in them, so no we are far from crazy :) we have just experienced them a little bit more often then classed 'normal' person 

Thanks guys :) 

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