Wednesday, 22 July 2015

A little about my blog


 Do you live with the mental health problem of bipolar?, Or know someone who is bipolar? Or just want to learn from a first hand person what bipolar is like it live with? Seeing as bipolar is so many illnesses in one, you could be suffering any mental health and this may help

 I am Sarah I'm 30 years old that has recently been diagnosed bipolar. I'm here to write a blog about everyday life with bipolar.  I understand there are many help and discussion websites about bipolar.

 I’m going to be very honest in my thoughts  and actions regarding my bipolar. I am doing this so people can get a better understanding of mental health. For people that suffer, know that they are not alone like I feel most of the time.

 My next blog will be all about how I got to be diagnosed with bipolar

Hope people enjoy :) 


jane taylor said...

Very well written good for you hunnie x z

Sarah Walters said...

Thank you Jane :)
I hope your enjoying the blog :)