Thursday, 23 July 2015

Meeting new people..

Is it hard or easy to meet new people with bipolar..

Before I can even think about what I have said. It somewhat don't sit well with them :) They haven't even asked and it just pops into my mind and out it comes. I will be like it with a haircut, parenting skills, anything that doesn't look right or isn't something I feel is right.. 

A little too opinionated is what they call it just to be nice, but no I'm very opinionated, and I offended people. I know this, but I just can't stop.. Why? Like i have said in posts before, you go a bit like that when you are manic. I think the traits just overlaps into your personality.. Maybe if I didn't have bipolar I would just been a little opinionated, but I'm not.

My family and friends don't tend to ask me how things look, unless deep down they know they look good.. I will tell you well whether you ask or not really if it doesn't look right, and I don't hold back.. But is that good thing? 

My view is if you ask the question you have to be prepared for the answer. Would you rather I say oh it looks lovely and let you go out looking like a tit. I think sometimes I oh I was a bit harsh there, I should've worded that better, but I won't dwell on it it's been said. 

Another thing with meeting new people is I’ll tell them personal things, like arguments with partner, things he says sometimes ect.. 

But when you are angry at someone you never say good about them do you.. So I tell them all this then I take him back. I think I did tell people too much about my personal life, but again it's just me. So when I keep taking my partner back after all the nasty things I have said that he done ect, they distance themselves from me..

I think other things are depression when I'm depressed I don't talk to anyone. I won't answer calls, text nothing, this could be for months. Then I’ll ring up like nothing has happened.

So you see I probably don't come across as a very nice person unless you know me, so meeting new people is a hard task. Out of ten people I would meet, only one would stay, but in the distance? So I tell myself it's not worth it. Within six months of meeting them new people, they will be gone anyway and they know everything about you, so you just look a twat :) 

Maybe now I'm diagnosed it might be easier because I have the label that explains a lot I suppose, so maybe it would be a bit easier meeting new people. I’ll have to let you know how or if it does change now :) 

Hope you're all well
Thanks guys :) 

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