Thursday, 23 July 2015


I didn't expect this at all..

I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone that has viewed my page. I am above any views that I thought I’d ever get on such a hard topic..

Some of you have messaged me some wonderful things. Many have said i'm brave sharing this kind of thing. I wouldn't call it brave I would say its just its me.

I have have a mental illness that isn't my fault that has made me do some outrageous things that the called 'normal person' wouldn't dream of doing..

Why should I be ashamed of this? I have spent a lot of my life feeling regret, being judge by people, getting talked about behind my back.

So if I tell the world myself there is nothing more anybody can say about me. People can judge me all they want but now I'm allowing you by writing this. I give you my permission

I have only had great feed back tho so far. Of course I'm expecting bad but I'm overwhelmed by the visits and the great messages.

I have just had a message of someone saying I'm very hard on myself I think that's another bipolar trait, It comes with the consent negative thinking.

When you have suffered an illness so long I believe your brain just programs to certain traits and you become them anyway even if you are classed as stable. my mind has been up and down, unstable, stable, so many times in my life of course its going to affect the actual person I am now.

Would I change myself. maybe not have bipolar but I love the traits about me. I am loyal, caring, head strong, loving and if I didn't have bipolar would I still be that person? You never know..

I made a promise with myself not long after i found out about my bipolar, i was not going to sit there and dwell on the fact of it, think about it as a bad thing or let myself go over the fact that my life could been different if i didn't have it..

I have it and that's it. Now I believe there are loads of good things about people like us we are unique

Thanks again guy.. :)  

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