Friday, 24 July 2015


Ever suffered from anxiety and panic attacks?

 I really do understand people that have gone off sick from work due to it.. I think anxiety is a still a very misunderstood thing. People don't empathize with it very much.. Until you have suffered it there is no way you could even begin to image what kind of life a person is living when they have it. I think even health professional takes this very lightly compared to other mental health issues..

 I'll share with you how I deal with panic attacks..

If I feel I'm getting a bit of anxiety and I suspect one is going to come.. I shout 'STOP' in my head. Sometimes it doesn't work so then I just say to myself, OK, that's fine the panic attack is not going to hurt me so just go with it.. I find then you're in a little bit more control. If it wants to be a bitch of a panic attack out comes the water, I drink it and splash my face with it.

I was only suffering a cycle a couple months back and someone made a very reassuring point to me, when you have a panic attack your heart races like at work out. So your loses calories threw every panic attack you have ;) so if like me, you can suffer up to 10 a day think about how many calories you are losing :)

Even though you think a panic attack can harm you can't. I feel like I'm going to die on some of mine.. Horrible.. I know that my anxiety has calmed down now because I can mention anxiety without getting it :)

I think this is a very stressful world and very fast, no wonder people suffer anxiety, even people with just slight anxiety I feel for.. Anxiety is anxiety and it can affect your life so much..

I have a book that I can recommend, a doctor recommended it to me that had anxiety and depression during any and he read it :)

 It's called 'The chimps paradox’ by professor Steve Peters...

He believes are behavior is similar to monkeys and they can study monkey brain more than can with ours..

The brain is such a powerful thing and can play tricks on you with you having no control.. That's what I'd like to remind to people that really don't understand mental health. Yes, your mind can control you with you losing control.. Just because it's your mind doesn't mean you can control it at all times.

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Thanks guys :) 


Anonymous said...

hello feel free to leave any comments you have

Anonymous said...

I can relate to this my first attack was horrible I felt physically sick and I couldn't eat I was at a wedding having a meal I had to leave the table went outside where I started uncontrollably crying in the end had to bed the next day no attacks but cuz I didn't no what was happening the worry going through my head was just unthinkable not nice at all wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy

Sarah Walters said...

I am sorry you experienced this.. I know first hand what its like.. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy either hun.
I hope this blog helps you feel your not alone and I'm here if you ever need to chat :)

Keep well x