Friday, 24 July 2015

Feeling a bit agitated :@

losing my patience a little

OK, I'm not obsessing over page views, etc. but it is nice to know how far this blog is getting out there.. The further it goes the more people it reaches and that my main point of this blog..

But I found out today blogger stats are wrong? They count bots and robots? Really with all the technology they have they can't tell the difference between human and robots? Blogger is run by google? I find this hard to believe.. I suppose they don't want to spend money on a program for it..
This isn't very good for bloggers is it?

Another thing I have today found out that people can't comment, I am working on this issue, so I have been asking you all to comment and you can't, what a twat I look lol.. So ill apologize for this.. But I am sorting it.. Not as easy as I thought.. I have had to add my granddad to sort web design etc out for me.. He is as we speak trying to sort these issues..

Could I ask people to keep trying if you want to actually leave a comment so it will help knowing when it is actually fixed..

I just round out from someone that managed to comment, you need to actually go to the website not if you have found this page from a link.. I had to enable something else but I now believe it is working

I came across something today about does mental illness really exist? I'll cover the shocking results I have read in my next post

Thanks to all my readers and ones that keep returning..

Keep well
:) x

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