Monday, 31 August 2015


I'm sorry to my readers that I haven't been here posting.. 

I have been feeling quite stressed and up and down. Some days I feel fine other days I'm all over the place.. I spent 3 days just crying, but today has been one of my good days :) 

So I think I'll cover stress today.. What a nightmare stress is eh?

I have had lots of symptoms of stress overload.. 

* Heart palpitations
* Aching body
* Headaches
* Anxiety
* Lack of appetite
* No energy
* Dizziness  (due to not eating)
* Stiffness of jaw.
* Feeling strange

Trying to deal with a relationship breakdown and looking after four children is for certain causing me stress..

Every day people suffer stress don't they? 

I speak to the older generation and they say life was never as stressful as it is now. 
So what has changed? 

What I believe 

Things were never so open as they use to be, now everything is hitting the media and news.. They make us aware of everything that goes on in this world. That's stress in its self.. Maybe this is why so many people suffer the anxiety they do? 

Things have just become so fast, you never have time for anything. Its not a chilled out place like it use to be. People are more competitive with each other, want to better than other people, have more than other people? So do these people bring the stress on themselves comparing themselves to everyone? Yeah, everyone wants to succeed in life, but we all can't. Everyone looks at succeeding in life in a different way.

Back in the grandparents' generation you would swap things that you needed, but now, oh I got to work my bum off to get that. Its all materialist in this world now. People use to just be happy with what they had and be grateful for what they had. What happened to that? Surly trying to keep up with the Jones as I call it causes stress. Unnecessary stress.. People just want more and more in this world now.. That makes the next generation what more and more? When will this stop? 

I think this way of the world has a lot to do with mental illnesses. It's just the pure stress of it. Don't you think if we didn't hear about these rapists, murders and be completely oblivious to it, we would live a less stressful life? Then comes the question of if they didn't plaster all this evil on the news, papers, etc. maybe it wouldn't make people like it? I blame the news and everything for why people are out there murdering more, raping because it's just everywhere. Its sick to say, but it's just become an everyday thing. Why? Because its in your face all the time. They are giving peoples' idea of what others have done? Why would society do that? 

What's your views on this one id love to hear it?

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