Friday, 24 July 2015

A little change in subject.

Need a little break from topic bi polar

I was talking to someone this evening about marriage and I'd like to share something with you all.

Has the commitment of marriage thought so low of these days?

I’ll explain why I think this?

I was having a tattoo done a couple of months ago of my nan that I explained I lost. At the time I thought id get one of my partner's name.. Yes, I know what most of you are thinking, wow I’d never get a name on me. :) But I think I was a bit manic but I don't regret it, I made him go in and have a massive one after don't worry, lol.

So anyway, I was having the nan tattoo done and the tattooist said to me are you sure about having a partner's name for you, I like to ask all my clients first..”yes, I don't want to get married so it's the next best thing isn't it?” I replied. He looked at me shocked. Get what he said a tattoo is for life though?

A tattoo is for life???
Am I a bit lost here? Isn't marriage a promise for life? Am I wrong? I thought it was a promise that you would stay together until death?

Are we really not taking marriage that serious anymore. I won't get married on the term of that.. I don't like breaking promises, and I don't really think you can make that promise, so I choose not to get married. 

Plus for me, it's a piece of paper that cost like ten grand lol.. I’d rather take my kids, Disneyland for that, deposit on a house etc.. But that's just me..

I don't expect all of you to agree with me on this one, but id love to hear your views on it?

 Are we really looking at marriage so differently now. It's almost as that person thought, oh it's OK, you can get a divorce but a tattoo is branded?

Some feedback on what marriage means to you would be great :)

Maybe it is just me lol


Thanks guys :) 


sarah said...

feel free to write a comment you words are of value :)

Paula Timms said...

Totally agree. U should marry with the intention of forever so is a tattoo. Different if ur 18 getting ur fitst tat of ypur partner of 6 months lol

Sarah Walters said...

Thank you Hun.. I thought it might been me not keeping up with the times :) glad your still enjoying and reading my blog :)