Monday, 10 August 2015


People don’t understand me

I hear this a lot from fellow bipolar sufferers, I use to think like this but then I realized something..

We never really understand anyone do we? Yeah there are bit’s and pieces we understand, but not everything.
My partner still does things now, and I think why the hell do you do that?.. he never ceases to amaze me..

If we all understood each other the world would be a pretty boring place eh? We would all be the same.

We have our friends that understand bit’s about us, family a little bit more, then partner’s maybe more than that. We will never be fully understood. No one is.

My outlook on things have come from years of suffering bipolar and never really knew what was wrong with me. Yes i jelled with some people but more often than not, I didn’t.

Since my diagnoses I realize that I even don’t understand my family sometimes in what they do. In Return they don’t understand me.

I wouldn’t like to be fully understood either, I like a good debate now and again. If I was fully understood there would be no debate would there?. I couldn’t even deal with someone understanding me all the time, I think that would frustrate me. I would end up saying “ Would you speak for yourself and just bloody argue the difference with me”
If someone understood you all the time they would just says yes constantly, No thanks, that's not for me. I would rather not be understood lol.

You see I’m quite controversial, I love having a point of view that different from others :)  I love having back up for that point of view as well.  

You see even opinions are not even understood sometimes. I think why the hell does she think like that?  That a bloody weird way of looking at something. lol

What does it matter if people are different, act different, behave different. The truth of it is, we are all different anyway.

We are unique that’s what I love calling myself. :) I’d rather be unique then just a plain Jane :)

I can see why people say this though. Like when you're depressed and you feel like nobody understands, The realism of it is they probably do, but they don’t know what to say.

Do we ever really know what to say when people are ill? I know I don’t.
We emphasize with them and say get well soon. Do we understand how they feel? Of course we don’t we aren’t them. Illness affect people differently the same as mental health.  So all people can do is emphasize and listen.  

Yes people may say things that you don’t like. Your losing the plot, is one I hear regularly. I came to realize whether people understand or not, that’s not going to make me better, only I am.

Yes I find it can be a very lonely place when nobody understands you, but there are so many of us that has bipolar there is lots of support.

How can you expect someone that hasn’t got bipolar to understand? That’s like saying to someone “oh you know what all the side affects feels like to diabetes don’t you? even though you haven’t got diabetes. You can’t can you.

You can only but try to understand I’m afraid.  If someone came to me with an mental illness like o.c.d, I wouldn’t understand. I know what it is, but I don’t understand them. I would probably say something stupid like just stop washing your hands, what so hard about that? See because I don’t understand and that to me is easy? To them it’s not.

What we suffer may seem easy to other people because they never had it, remember that :)
They don’t battle with it all the time and have to find coping strategies, we do :)

I have wrote this blog to help people try to understand bipolar more, but that’s a hard thing to do when you never suffered anything like it.

So I believe when you sit there and think nobody understand me, you shouldn’t look at it as negative. you should think well maybe they are finding it hard to understand, why I am doing these things. Maybe even trying to find ways to make them understand better.

I know it hurts or friends and our loves ones, and sometimes they don’t know what to do to help you. This can lead to them thinking in the last resort and this may upset you. It’s only because they care though

Please remember that not everyone is understood it’s what makes us all unique

Instead of beating yourself up. Think of it maybe in similar ways to that :)

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