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Does bipolar affect the way we bring our children up?

Does bipolar affect the way we bring up are children?

I find, I differ with the discipline with my children.

  • I when I’m depressed, I pretty much let them have anything they ask.

  • When I am stable, I’m quite authoritative and bring them up the correct way, I believe they should be.

  • When I’m manic, I go in between, give in to them and be authoritative.

How can I be the complete same, if my moods shift as much as they do. I do believe I’m the most authoritative in my house. Some people think I’m too hard on my children in general. I wouldn’t say I was though they just have discipline, a thing every child needs.

I believe children thrive on routine and discipline, routine and discipline is with us all our lives. Even as adults we have rules and routine. So children need this.

I’m the type of person, that if my child behaves bad in public, I will tell them off in public. I find everyone looks at you and judges you.  I look at it, if my child was a teenager causing uproar, they would soon blame me then for no discipline as a child. They always blame the parents.

I’m not going to wait to tell my child off until we get home, 9 times out of 10 the child has forgotten by then. So they don’t even know why they being disciplined.  
I think we have it hard these days as parents, there is to many different ways, opinions, you can’t do this, you can’t do that.

If children hurt themselves or are ill these days, parents are terrified to take them hospital, You take them more than 3 times in a year, you are investigated. Children are children and they hurt themselves, they get ill. Being a parent is hard enough without all rules they apply to us on top.

Not every parent is going to bring their child up the same, but they are trying to drum it into us, this is the way you do.

#Well no, I’m afraid I don’t follow the ways they say. What may work for one child may not work for another, do they not realize this?
Every child is an individual, they are the same as us. They respond to different things at different times. You can’t have a text book baby or child.

I don’t like people telling me how to bring up my children. I welcome advice by all means, but that’s exactly what it is advice, you don’t have to follow it.

As long as a child isn’t seriously hurt, emotionally abused, neglected, why does it matter how we choose to discipline our children?.

I find you are damned if you do in this world and damned if you don’t.  You take them hospital as a concerned parent, you are judged. You don’t because the amount of times they make you feel silly, they judge you for that.

It's like that with a lot things regarding being a parent. I think the professionals affect they way we bring our children up more so, than the actual parents.

Yes, I have stated that my moods change which does affect my children, because I feel they don’t always know where they are at with me. Having said that they don’t know me any different do they?.

I feel sometimes I am too soft because I just want them to behave, But I feel all parents are guilty of this.

I feel sometimes I can be a little too hard on them, but children can push you to limits you didn’t even think you could feel. lol.

#I feel because of my bipolar, I aim highly into my children being brought up the correct way. The old fashioned way, The respect, The do as your told instantly, good morals etc.
I work hard to achieve that.  

I don’t believe this is a bad thing. I think it’s a positive thing.
If I say something to my children that will happen, I stick to what I say.

I believe being bipolar maybe a positive on some degree regarding parenting.

We need to keep reminding ourselves of positive things of being bipolar. I believe there are so many really, you just have to look at things a little bit different and the good qualities within us.

So overall

  • I find that professional give us more stress, bring up children then needs to be.

  • I believe it is far from a negative being bipolar and being a parent.

  • I also believe the only way we really affect our children by being bipolar, is bringing them up the correct way.

When bipolar could affect them?

  • Yes of course my children have seen me cry on thousands of occasions.  I just say I’m tired, and like you I cry when I’m tired.

  • Yes my children have seen me lay in bed and not want to get up. I tell them I’m poorly, which I’m not lying.

  • Yes my children have seen my moods change within seconds. I just ask them to go play, or set up messy play for them. When I feel I can’t interact at that time.

So even though I am bipolar, I have strategies and positive ones for my children so they don’t think anything is wrong. I will keep to that until, I believe my children are emotionally developed enough, to understand the concept of mental illness.

I do nothing different, then most parents out there do.

  • If they ill, they rest,

  • If they having bad day they set up entertainment for children,

  • If they cry, they will say something to the children to make them not worried.

I understand that some people have to go into hospital on occasions, but that is no different than going to hospital because of diabetes etc. You wouldn’t not have children because you have diabetes.

I believe it’s no different.

So no I don’t believe having bipolar really does make you bring up your children any different.

How do you find your bipolar affects the way you bring up your children. That’s if you think it does. :)

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