Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The colour purple

Is the colour purple linked to bipolar?

I seen this posted somewhere and I did a little research..

Someone asked bipolar sufferers if there favorite colour was purple. The majority came back as yes. This is what i found :) 

 * The colour people is a royal colour that means power and               strength           

*   It calms the mind and nerves. It offers a sense of spiritually and      offers you to be creative? 

* It says that we are a free spirit and we seek spiritual fulfillment..     Remember me mentioning six sense?  

* People that have purple as there favorite colour
   are sensitive, understanding and supportive. We are very giving      people that can often get walked over because of this. 

*  We always look for the meaning of life.. 

* We hated crowds and would rather stand alone. We get noticed        because we are different. People thrive of of our energy..

* We like to have the best of everything, so we have to aim high

*   We are good judge of character, but always seem to see the               good in everyone. 

*  We can often be seen as arrogant and that we have a                         very negative outlook on things

* We can be very selfish and all for ourselves.. As                                we don't welcome others believes or regions..

* We don't tend to follow other people, we                                            are individual and don't like it when people copy us..

* Our deepest need is, to be emotionally stable within our lives. We    also have a strong feeling to help others in need. 

What do i conclude from this? There are seriously personality of bipolar in there.. Maybe that colour best suits us, because of the traits the physiology says.. 

There has to be a link because I'm a lot like that.. 

Are you a bipolar sufferer and is any of it true with yourselves? 

Maybe there are more then just colours we have in common? 

There is nothing around to link purple to bipolar.. But I think I have proved a very strong case, that there maybe. 

My living room is purple, and I have always had a least one purple room in the houses I have lived.  I sit mostly in my bedroom, but when I'm feeling ill I lay on sofa and the purple seems to help me. 

They say that the colour purple acts as a healing agent, so maybe that's why so many of us like it.  That it hits right to heart of any mental heath issues. It helps because its such a calming colour..

I always buy purple candles and bath soaps..

You see how my web design is purple lol

I'd love some feed back on this one, I'm intrigued..

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