Monday, 3 August 2015

Do you find?

Do you find bipolar is everything in your life?

What I mean by this is, everyone always thinks bipolar.

* You cry. it's bipolar.

* You're in a everyday just bad mood. It's bipolar

* You're actually just happy, Oh that's a manic for sure

Does these things actually help us, in dealing with bipolar. No, they do not. I feel as thought I have to make it my life because everyone around me does.

Always watching me, spying on me. watching what time I'm on Facebook until. This drives me insane. If it drives me insane, surely it must bore the people in my life doing it. 

The way I look at it, is.. 

If I'm going to get ill, I'm going to get ill no matter how much you watch my behaviors etc.. People watching my behaviors isn't going to stop me becoming ill. If anything it's just going to drain you by trying to keep up with the everyday life i lead, surely? 

Don't get me wrong I'm not being ungrateful to the people in my life that does look out for me, I'm just stating, watching me isn't going to stop me becoming ill. 

It frustrates me that bipolar sufferers can get everything blamed on bipolar also.. I do like to think that sometimes they are just everyday things.

* We cry because things get to much in life sometimes, like every person does.

* We get in moods because of the way the day pans out sometimes, like people do.

* We have good moods, maybe because we had a good sleep. Like everyone does.

I can't stress enough that bipolar sufferers, still have the everyday moods, that anyone else does. Just because we are bipolar, doesn't mean every single little change in mood means we are becoming ill. 

We do actually function like the classed normal person too. 

I find people can use bipolar to there advantage also.

Here is what i mean. 

* You're speaking your mind, it's bipolar

* You're going off on one, it's bipolar

* You're starting an argument, it's bipolar. 

They are just to name a few, that's been said to me.

What so now we can't argue else it's our bipolar? We can't speak our minds? 

How crazy does that sound, to me the people saying that to me is crazy, not me?

I do get fed up with everything being blamed on bipolar. I think people around need to realize that we are actually and can actually have the same everyday feelings you do..

Take social services for example,

They turned up one day, I was stressed.. I was taking my children out, because I was stressed. I was having a normal bad day with my children. How many classed normal people have locked themselves in a toilet and cried because of a bad day with their children? 

OH, but I was classed as having a bipolar day? Really? 

So I have come to think that us bipolar sufferers cant have normal emotions? It's all bipolar? 

Well I'll tell you first hand, yes we do have classed normal emotions.

* if I have lack of sleep, I get grumpy.

* If my children play up all day, I get stressed

* If I feel to much stress, I will cry.

* If me and my partner has an argument and he walks out, I will be up and down.. One minute saying f him, next crying. 

These are all normal emotions and please remember we have them also and its doesn't always mean we are getting ill! 

Sometimes these everyday emotions get to much, we do become ill, but that's not all the time.

People refer to me as a drama queen, my life is like a soap, etc.

I believe this is because sometimes no we don't handle everyday emotions, if they all come at once like the classed normal person. It doesn't mean we don't handle day to day life, any different then anyone else. When it comes to emotions. It just means we can't handle what the classed normal may be able to..

I class myself as just over emotional sometimes, when things get on top of me. That's when i get ill and emotions just turn into one big explosion, that you cant control any.

That's when my moods change erratically. When I cant seem to deal with all the emotions, they just seem to go hay-wall.  

As stated before though, there is coping mechanisms to this. Avoid triggers :) 

So guys please remember when looking after a bipolar sufferer that not everything he/she does is bipolar, we are people with emotions as well.. That you do not have to spy on there everyday living :) You will notice when they get ill, if you know enough about the illness, in the first place :)  


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