Thursday, 23 July 2015


What manics are about!

 The Manics are they kind of feeling you're on drugs it is classed as a high.. I’ll explain..

You become confident, you are in love with yourself, there is nothing in this world you couldn't do. You will achieve very idea that comes into your head, you will start them all and be best at it. The amount of times over the years I have tried to write books, applied for college, for many different courses, tried setting up own business, none of these even get finished, but you obsess over them you could stay awake 3-4 days in a row working on it then it gets binned. You repeat on another project.

There are bad traits as well you get impatient, I’ll get that bad if I'm queuing I’ll say something like 'is there no urgency in this place when I only be waiting three minutes.. You get angry very easily.

 I think the reason for this is you have so many thoughts running through your head all the time, you can't switch off and it's so fast everything else has to be fast around you. You get very agitated and you don't even realize most of the time..

I will share with you my symptoms and behavior of my last last manic, which wasn't so long ago  It's the first manic I actually recognized quicker than any of my others, but again I did things that just wasn't acceptable..

The first thing looking back, I noticed to be the first sign of a manic coming was my sight and smell.. It was heightened I actually panicked because the outside looked so bright, like green is greener etc.. I could smell smells that nobody else could, now I know this is a start of a manic

 A week  later the project come. I wanted to decorate my whole house, but I needed someone to take me to get the paint, nobody could.. The impatience started, I was ringing my mum 15 times a day (another sign of manic, constantly contacting people) I ended up falling out with my mum, by going mad at her that I don't ask for a lot and one bloody thing on one can do for me.

The paint project didn't even get started. So next came gambling £500 oops. That still didn't relieve my manic so the next night I was at home and drink two bottles of wine. I tried to ring people at 1am but no one wanted to talk. I needed to talk, my kids and partner was in bed, so I got dressed at went to an all night pub.. 

Everything was fine, I was just talking to people, when next thing you know a bloke part of the group I was talking to grabbed my boob. I told him to sod off. He did it again. I warned him one more time I won't be responsible for my actions.. He did.. I lost it flipped out punched him in the face.. He fell back and I booted him in the face. I was pulled off by this Friends before it went any further, but it would of.. Two of his friends walked me home.. Which was very nice of them, but I had to be home for 6 six because my partner had worked. It was half 7. So you can image the trouble I got in when I got home and two lads walking me home.

I was still saying for a week later that I did nothing wrong, so overall that manic lasted a month.. It was until I came back down off my high I realized how much worse that night could of gone.

 So that is an example of a manic.

 Next I’ll cover depression, I know people are very aware of depression but with bipolar the depression can be a lot darker.

 Please if anyone wants me to cover anything, questions answered, ect.. Please leave a comment or mail me..
I would like to keep you all interested, so some input on what you would like to know about this illness or any examples would be welcomed

Thank you guys

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