Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Thoughts im having today

Thoughts swimming around my head today.

 You see I really don't know why I start things like this, cause now all the questions are starting. What happens if people don't like my blog? What if they think why the hell is she sharing her whole life on the internet?

Is this really a bad thing sharing your life on the internet, does it help raise awareness of things? Does it help people understand better? Does it help people relate and know that they aren't alone?

Well, I think it does all these things. But what is too personal I think in a bipolar sufferer nothing is too personal, we will just say it as it is, whether people agree or not.

Some people cringe at the stuff we come out with, others will laugh. I would share anything about my life and not really care, until I get bad reviews or comments I suppose.

So with a reader that doesn’t have bipolar and just trying to understand it. I will apologize now if any content of my blogs offends you, or you think it's just to forward.

There are down sides I suppose by writing blogs for bipolar sufferers in case of negative feedback. I suppose with a topic like this, it wouldn't be negative from people that suffer or want to understand, but might be from people that just don't understand.

What do you think about sharing a life story of mental illness? I would love some comments on how you think my blog is going and anything question you may have. You can contact me or leave comments on my pages:)

 Even your experiences would be welcome  as I'm new to bipolar and you might help me :)

As said I will be writing about my relationship later tonight when my children are in bed as will have more time..

But for now, thank you to the people that have read and visited my page.. :) I really didn't think I’d get any views so thank you again :)

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