Sunday, 26 July 2015

A reminder..

Am i bipolar?

I have to remind people that I am not medically trained in mental health, to be able to tell you if you have bipolar or not..
By all means read my blog and use my behaviors, moods, etc. to see if you behave in a similar way.. If you feel you do, I can talk to you about it, if you real comfortable and give you advice on the next step.

Bipolar is very hard to diagnose look at all I went threw before I finally got diagnosed 15 years later. So I do have a good insight to the illness, but I can't diagnose you, unfortunately I wish I could lol..
That's the unfortunate thing about bipolar sufferers don't tend to get diagnosed unless there is a psychosis before this..

Psychosis is when you see, hear, smell and see things that aren't there..

Have I had psychosis?

Well, this is going to be a bit of a change in topic, but its related to bipolar, How do you feel about medium's?
That is something psychiatrist will link to psychosis, but is it? They will only link it to that because there is no proof and they wouldn't be very professional saying they believed in it would they?
They have no proof and there isn't any proof to say there isn't

Am I medium??

I don't practice this very often, but there has been times when I have.. Mainly under alcohol because then I'm not scared of it. But when in mania and your drink it tends to lead to higher mania, which can lead to psychosis. So sometimes I believe yeah, it's just psychosis.

What makes me think it's not? I don't hear voices its my own voice, things just pop into my head and I have to say them.. I see images that's I have to relay.. When I do it for people most things I say are true.. I can't work that out? I tell myself it's just silly, there is no way it could be true.. I believe back 3 months ago when I was a bit poorly my Nan gave me a message in my dream, I was on new medication but I was dreaming about her.. I remember thinking before I went to sleep I wish you my twins nan.. The message I believe she gave me was 'Sarah I have met your twins now its time to get up and go look after your children.. It was in my nans voice it was like I felt her touch, so very real.. I was napping at the time and my mum has my children because I was ill..

There are people that believe that bipolar is actually repressed physics..

Why I may agree?? My things started at 4 I had an imaginary friend (yes, I know a lot of people have them) this was different at first I called her my maid.. Then I met one of my distant cousins  and started calling her Jessica.. Why never found out why until after my nan died..

After my nan died, we were going threw her stuff and my brother at the time was in contact with a medium (a lot of my family went to mediums after my nan passed). . It was brought up about my imagery friend...

My nan lost her sister at the age of 3, which she has been placed by now. My mum and I lived with her for a while.. When I was 4. .My maid appeared.. I blamed her for things, talked to her all time.. I can't remember  these things, but my mum told me..

So any way we were going through some photos and we found my nans sister in one.. Do you know how she looked like? My distant cousin Jessica.. When me and mum moved out of my nans, I no longer talked about her..

The medium my brother was talking to said it was my nans sister, I was playing with and talking to her :)

Do I want to look further into this maybe I was thinking about going to a spiritual church.. They can normally tell you if you have the gift they believe in straight away.. So might, I might not lol..

If I do ill let you know, but I'm still quite scared of it. There are a few other things that had happened, but I don't want to make the post too long..

If you do want me to write more on this topic please comment.. I would like to know what you enjoy reading and what you don't.. I want to keep my followers happy..

Have you had any experiences like mine? Would you say its psychosis and maybe I had bipolar as a child and this was why I had had imagery friend?

Something to think about eh? Lol

Thank you guys

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