Sunday, 26 July 2015

How to support someone with bipolar

How can i help someone with bipolar?

I don't think you can actually help them its not like depression.. The only thing that helps bipolar is medication, therapy and avoiding triggers.. Most of the things has to be managed by the actual sufferer

There are things you can do to support a sufferer..

Firstly, you have to educate yourself on bipolar and realize that every bipolar sufferer is different..

You are going to have to take time out to actually really get to know the sufferers triggers, signs of 
episodes coming we all have different ones..

I learnt when I got diagnosed everyone made a big issue about it, are you taking medication?, are you drinking?, you're not sleeping are you maniac? The questions are endless even in a little bit of change of my normal self.. This drives me insane.. It makes me angry..
So id advise you to do things discreetly.. Observe your suffers behavior instead of bombarding with questions.. As explained in posts before there is a five day rule if you see the sufferer changing in behavior more and more over five days its time to speak to them..

There is a way id advice that's as well.. Not so much direct questions like you're not sleeping are you maniac? Maybe says how come your not sleeping what are you thinking? What are working on? Do you feel you're working on all these projects a bit too much? Do you feel you have taken on too much at one time?

You see these questions are actually making the sufferer think for themselves instead of you actually telling them they are in an episode.. I find the direct question make me angry and ill shout, lose my temper and cut you off. Nothing is achieved with me by direct questions.. If anything I won't talk for days after that, so you are losing opening to support..

If they are still too ill to accept the fact they are in an episode its time to call the care team and explain your concerns.. Never do this behind a sufferer back explain why you are doing it.. You might get shouted it eat, but it will be better than doing it behind their back.. You will lose the trust of a sufferer by doing it that way,.

Let them talk is another bit of advice if they need to talk to you 15 times a day then do that's helping them.. But remember you also need a break from caring for someone with bipolar.. It can be a very mind draining, difficult thing to do, you need to work out a plan of action with the sufferer of what you're going to do when you need a break.. Who they turn to then..

Remember bipolar people are very strong and probably dealt with a lot longer then they been diagnosed for.. So give credit and keep reminding them of how well of a job they are doing by controlling their bipolar :)

Thanks guys :)

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