Sunday, 26 July 2015

Animals and mental health

This is my dog Pammy she is 19 months old.. i named her after my Nan..

Do animals suffer mental health?

The answer is yes, dogs and cat suffer mental health like we do. The only difference is they can't tell us.. The common things in mental health for animals is,

* Separation anxiety,
Ever had a dog that when you come back from leaving the house, the house is trashed and your neighbors knock on the door to tell your dog has been howling the whole time you been gone?

You just think he is being naughty right, no these are classic signs of separation anxiety.. You can only but feel for the dog as most of us know what anxiety is like.

* Post-traumatic stress disorder
Yes, they believe dogs can suffer from this.. The symptoms are a lot like the separation anxiety but it will flow a traumatic advent like leaving their owners.. Another sign is out of the blue becoming aggressive

The symptoms are often the same as in humans, sleep and eating changes, going off food, lack of interest in the things they enjoy.. Becomes withdrawn and inactive..

*O.C.D a classic sign in dogs is  constantly chasing their tail and balls

Did you know that some animal physiologists believe cats and dogs show signs of having bipolar as well??

It's thought that bears sufferer seasonal effective disorder.

I thought my dog before I had Pammy was suffering mental health she use to have signs of separation anxiety, then all of a sudden turned into aggression at a smaller dog cause she escaped from the house and ended up biting an owner.. 

I was devastated that day we had to get rid of her.. The police dog warden took her to the kennels for treatment.. It was because the person my dog bite wanted her out of the area which I can't blame them, but I was heartbroken :( I had just had my son Logan he was three days old when it happened. I cried for weeks :(  thankfully she didn't have to be put down as she was only 18 months old and she really didn't intend to bite the owner, the owner picked the little dog up.. She had come from a home which bigger dogs use to attack her, she came to me with all scars over her face :( so maybe that was the reason for her behavior, I really do hope they helped and re homed her to a loving home :(

Have you had any experiences where you thought your animal was suffering mental health?

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