Saturday, 24 October 2015


What an arrogant one I met.. 

As explained I had a session last month, I wish I never went to be honest. He tried to put borderline personality disorder on top of my bipolar

I'll explain

I had to move to a different place because the attachment area for our care teams changed.. May I add that I have never seen the same shrink twice in the whole 8 months I been diagnosed. I think this is obscene. How is someone meant to get to know me and my illness if I see a different one every bloody 6 weeks. 

So I turned up at my new place of care.. On the point of walking in he did not say hello nothing. I was being told I was having another assessment as I was a new patient. Bare in mind that I have seen 6 different shrinks and they all said the same bipolar effective disorder. So I had to go threw my past, my behavior everything again. Even though this was all on the system, from my my previous care team.. 

So I will admit that when I gave up the alcohol I did go into a little bit of gambling, sometimes I spent to much but not to the point that I didn't look after my family. Oh my days he come down on me like a ton of bricks saying that I couldn't see the problem I had with not knowing how much I spent in the last six months.. The only reason I didn't know what I spent was because it would probably make me sick the amount I spent. I simply explained that I didn't have a problem and that I was addressing it.

 I even said do you go out at the weekend spend like £60 on a meal? His reply was we are not here about me i'm not the one asking for help so lets keep it about you. I only was tying to explain that I don't do things like that and I like to have something for myself and that £60 pound I might gamble is no different.  

He continued to go on about the gambling and for the 6th time I explained I do not have a problem I can give it up at anytime but its something I enjoy as I don't do anything else. He would not listen. Then I got a bit angry, like any person would having to say things over and over again.. I was then called a passive aggressive and that I was emotionally unstable. Oh my days it this bloke for real. I was stopping the gambling before I even went to that appointment. Would he listen no.. 

Who do these people think they are? Anyone that wasn't listened to and had to keep repeating themselves would get annoyed surly? That's a normal human reaction isn't it? So because of this I have had added the personality disorder. He didn't even say goodbye just pointed to the door. 

I cant really moan because all the other people I have seen been really nice, but this person was going to be my shrink from now on. Not a chance I came away from there not knowing what illness I had, what medication I was meant to take. I didn't know my ass from my hand. I got in and rung to make a complaint. There was no way I was seeing that man again. Lucky they listened and said I shouldn't of even had another assessment I had already been assessed by a higher up shrink and that he could not over rule that. 

They are in the process of changing my shrink and I cant see one now until January but at least I don't have to see him again. Just to make a point I have gambled £20 in the last two months. So when I said I didn't have a problem, I didn't..

I would love to hear your stories of shrinks and bad experiences because that was a very bad experience I even said I don't want to see anyone anymore. At least the manager agreed with me and said that was so unprofessional and I will be dealing with this personally. I came to find out that he was just a stand in and they were thinking of taking him on in that practice, I hope they don't now.

What do you think of shrinks, I did also to hear positive stories because that has made me really not want to bother anymore.  

Hope you are all well 

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