Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Sixth sense

Do we have a sixth sense?

Looking at my old posts, the medium/psychosis one was well received. I thought I'd write a small post on a related topic: the sixth sense.

We all know the feeling in our gut that says something(possibly bad) is about to happen. I believe this feeling, the sixth sense, is exaggerated in people who have BP; and often very accurate. As part of the illness, a small change in the external world can cause a catastrophe  in our heads. In the interest of survival, we *have* to stay focussed on our environment and observe it attentively. This leads to us being more aware of our sixth sense and of patterns that would be missed by most others.

I have had this happen to me several times in my life. I'll describe a few notable occasions...

Once, at a playgroup with my two children, I met this other mum who was carrying twins. She already had a nearly three year old and a one year old..
Something came over me and I suddenly had the strong feeling that was going to happen to me. At the time I thought I was being bloody silly; but surely enough, it did happen: My daughter was three when my twins were born and my son was one.

I have felt people staring at me and touching me and nobody was there.

I had a friend once, didn't know him all that long. He was into me but I didn't like him that way, because of which our friendship fizzled out.
One night, asleep in bed, I woke up suddenly to someone touching me. Someone was actually stroking my arm, but there was no one in my bed. I laid there in panic, hoping it was a dream. It wasn’t. All I heard in my head was my voice. It said with a giggle, ‘I told you I’d get you in bed one day!’. I jumped up turned the light on. Something strange happened. A dark light went to the light... Very scary.
A few weeks later my friend’s body was found. He had been dead for a while before they found him. The autopsy placed his time of death around the time I had the voice speak to me. He said to me many times when he was alive 'I’ll get in bed one day, Sarah. Trust me I will'.

My Nan had a stroke. She was in a nursing home for four months, before my family finally got her home. She was home all but two weeks. I remember the day I last saw her, it was Thursday. Something was different about her, she was actually out of her home hospital bed. She interacted with my children: something she hadn’t for the two weeks she had of been home. Her nails were purple, she wasn’t eating or drinking. I managed to get a few words out of her, the last words I would hear. I said, ‘Are you ok, Nan?’. ‘Yes’, she replied. ‘Have you had enough, Nan?’. She looked at me and said, ‘Yes, Sarah’. I knew that day was going to be the last time I saw her.

Around 10pm one night, I started feeling sick. Something wasn't right. I thought it was to do with my daughter: she had chicken pox and wasn't drinking. I thought something bad was going to happen to her because of this and tried to get her to drink water for a couple of hours. She wouldn't; so I had to force her. Her screaming was interrupted by a knock on the door. It was my brothers. Suddenly, things snapped into place in my head. They didn’t have to tell me.. Nan was dead; she died around 10pm that night.

While I was with a client in a previous job at a care home, a nurse was showing me veins that indicate someone is going to pass.. While drawing the lines of his veins, she informed me that the family would visit to say their goodbyes. She then had to leave the room to go get change of sheets etc..
The moment she left that room, the room went cold. I knew he was going to pass there and then. I went into panic(I hate thinking about this day; I was only 19 and it affected my whole life after that).
He held my hand and took his last breath. This experience really did mess my mind up for years. I left care because I couldn't do that job anymore after that. Returned after two weeks off that they granted me as it was my first death. The day I returned, someone had died and they sent me in to change them up to look peaceful for the family. That was the day I ever did care work. I loved the job i just couldn't handle that side of it.

The sixth sense told me he was going to pass within a couple of minutes. I'm glad I was there and he didn't die alone, but also wish it didn’t to me. I was to young and thought about death so much after that, that's where all my problems really began

I live quite strangely now. When my makeup used to go wrong when I was going out partying, something would always happen: I’d get arrested, in a fight etc. I never go out if makeup smudges. I believe it's away of telling something is going to go wrong if I do it..

I know it’s madness, but it’s true. It hasn't happened once; it’s happened lots times, so i stick to that..

Do I believe we have a sixth sense? Yes, given the things that have happened. I believe we might use more of our brain because of our condition and that might trigger the sixth sense.

Do you believe an overactive sixth sense is why people suffer bipolar maybe? A lot bipolar people will claim they have sixth sense. If we could channel it properly, would it take the bipolar away..?

Maybe these things happen for reason; maybe it’s our subconscious mind telling us open up. Maybe it’s just part of the medical condition and has no higher meaning. Something to think about, eh?

What do you think?   

Do you ever believe you have a six sense? I’d love to hear some stories that are similar to mine. I can't be the only one strange things have happened to lol.. so please share with us if you do have any..

Keep well and be good
Thanks guys
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