Saturday, 25 July 2015

Feeling strange

I'm feeling a bit strange today

I can't quite put my finger on it, but I'm feeling a bit odd today..  I have been working hard on this blog so maybe that's why?

I just feel all mind boggle, my mind feels a bit fuzzy.. I also have a headache.. So because of these symptoms I'm having today ill put up about the first signs of an episode coming and triggers for bipolar episodes..

Please note before reading them that most of them are my signs not taking them from bipolar information websites.

First warning signs that I actually get

Before an actual depressive episode starts we actually get signs..

* Craving chocolate

* More headaches

* Struggling to wake up mornings

* Finding it hard to fall asleep

* Little negative thoughts starting

* Just generally feeling a little sad

* Little bit of less energy

* Unexplained aches and pains starting

*  Losing temper, irritable and agitation is showing

* Forgetfulness

A lot of search engines just put the symptoms of early warning signs the same as an episode, but there is warning signs before the actual full blow episode.. I have learnt them :)
If you have these symptoms for more than 5 days and you have been diagnosed bipolar you are advised to seek help from a care team :) If they suspect a depressive episode is coming they will treat it before it even happens.. So it's very good to be aware of first signs :)

Before manic/hypo-Manics happen they have warning signs as well.. You are also advised again to seek help from your care team

* Heightened smell or sight.. I explained in my other post you may see things clearer, smell things that no one else smells.. A lot like when you are pregnant for smells, for my mummy readers :)

* Feeling you need to sleep a lot less, not loads of increased energy just waking a earlier than you usually would

* Starting to spend a bit more money every day, being a bit more impulsive with spending. Not major spending spree

* Snacking a bit more in between meals, mainly just rubbish. Mine is carbs :)

* Thinking about starting projects not just one, a couple, not actually starting them, but thinking about the number of projects you're going to start and how

* Impatience starting to show, though, you get bothered by things you wouldn't normally

* Forgetfulness

The ones I have explained a bit more are actually symptoms of being in a manic/hypodermic or depressive episode

They are my first warning signs I now look out for :)


The main trigger for bipolar episodes is stress, but come on, how stressful is this world now a days there is no way you can avoid it, but being aware of triggers might help you think, oh that's a trigger I might see my care team and explained what happened just in case..
I think with bipolar its all about learning your unique ways and seeing the difference so you can prevent episodes.. Even people that know people that suffer, if they have the knowledge of this then they could help if that person that suffers why they doesn't see it.. You can get them help..

* Loss of job

* Bereavement

* Relationship breakdown

* Having a baby

* Alcohol and drugs

* A big change like moving house, ect.. I hate change and it tends to bring stress to me (even if a doctor changes an appointment I lose it lol)

* Sometimes just everyday life can be stressful, so if your feeling life is getting on top of you (Job, kids, ect) this can trigger

I had all of all but one of these last year, that's why I had a complete breakdown and that's why I got diagnosed, so it is helpful to know triggers and beware if they happen in your life or someone else's life that suffers :)

What are your triggers or first signs of episodes coming are they anything like mine? If you know anyone what are there signs or triggers.. Your comments are of a lot of value to me guys.. I would love people to share their views on bipolar.. Thank you to the two readers that have commented I will be replying like I will try to all comments :)

Thanks guys :) 

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