Friday, 7 August 2015

The working life with bipolar

What jobs do I believe we would be best at?

I had this conversation with my partner the other day. I have had so many jobs. I couldn’t really hold a job down, to many moods shifting caused problems within the workplace. I have had a jobs that have lasted 2 hours- 3 years. The 3 year one,  I went off sick on a regular basis though.

What jobs do I think bipolar sufferers would be good at?

This is only my opinion. As I stated I don’t want to stay on the sick and would like to return to work someday. I thinking about what would suit me and I would stick at, through my illness. Now I have been diagnosed a lot of things make sense, which will make me more careful about my future job options.

Supporting jobs

I believe most of bipolar sufferers love to help people. I find we have a lot of patience when it comes to this. I worked in a care home and I never lost my temper, mood stayed quite stable in that line of work. I know it’s not best paid, or the most appealing job to a lot of people, but I loved the fact I was help the elderly, in the last month/years of their lives.


I wanted to always be a counselor, I wanted to use my knowledge of my experiences to help others.  I think this would be a very rewarding job, but I don’t always listen and I’m very opinionated so I don’t think this would 100% suit me. I think certain bipolar sufferers would be very good at this.


I was always very interested in this line of work, I like the fact you have to research to build a case, evidence, proving things etc. I would love to go to study law, but it’s way too late for me now, with all my responsibilities. I think this would keep bipolar sufferers mind stable, because of the amount of intelligence and work this consists of.

So yes supporting jobs I would say, I would really consider a good career move for people suffering bipolar.

Creative jobs

I believe we are very creative and have a very good imagination.. Anything to do with art, writing, music, acting, poems, design. I think we really do prove ourselves in this area. I think we all have at least a skill in one of these, that I have mentioned. I also believe we love these kind of things and it keeps our mind active but positively.

So anything to do with creativeness, I would say is a very positive career for us.

Selling industry

I believe we have the gift of the gab, we could sell anything. We might not interact with people very well, but once mindset we deliver. I have been in the selling industry and always succeeded at it. You don’t have to get on a personal level with anyone, it is just literary selling a product. I always found I would find things in products that others wouldn’t. WHY? Back to imagination and being creative.

If you notice most of the jobs I have listed is jobs you are pretty much by yourself. I have never done well in jobs where, I’m under pressure from other people and a big crowed workplace.  I work better on my own where I don’t have to rely on people to deliver with me. I get very agitated if people don’t deliver and put in as much effort as I do.
I like to be the best at what I do and expect people to be like that as well. If they don’t, it could lead to confrontation and that’s where the problems begin for me.  

I also find when you work with a big workforce they arrange out of work things, pubs etc. I always use to go, this affected my mood, my abilities in work, getting too personal with work team, all not good for me.

We can hold jobs down I believe, It’s a myth to say that all bipolar sufferers can’t.  It just has to be the right job, we need to be diagnosed, and stable for a while.  

Yes of course we have a negative to an employer, We are bipolar. Having said that, I believe we become vital to a workplace because how high we aim and how hard we work to achieve. I believe we give our jobs our all. I actually believe we are not work shy, we put 110% into what we do.  

Previously I worked as a night cleaner, there were only 5 of us cleaning a building over night.
When one of these workers went on holiday and someone needed to cover their rounds, he would only let me.

Why? because I did it properly. The others would think it’s not my round I can finish early, he will catch it up when he comes back. No pride in their work or consideration for others at all. See that is a quality in us that, many people don’t have.

Do you work, if so what do you do? Would you agree in my career options, regarding bipolar? Or would you advise something else?

Love some feedback on this.. This was just my thoughts :)

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